Solgaard Check-in Closet Trunk: Environmentally Friendly Luggage

Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk handle

Some people are on the constant search for a great pair (or twelve) of shoes. The search for great luggage can be a similar feat. You want the right size, comfort, lightweight, affordable, durable, and if you’re like me, environmentally-friendly, too. The Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk is my newest travel gear item and here is a rundown on how the trunk looks and feels out of the box. The color you are vividly enjoying is Newport Teal.

environmentally friendly Solgaard luggage
Solgaard uses plastic bottles retrieved from waterways to make their luggage. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

Environmentally Friendly and Durable

These durable and pretty cases are made from reclaimed plastic from oceans and rivers (leading to oceans) and then made into travel cases like the Solgaard Check-in Closet. Being a responsible traveler starts with your gear. The Solgaard Check-in Closet has a price point of USD$355.00 from their website, but also comes with a 10-year warranty for that amount. Using your dollar to vote for the environment is always a good feeling. Everyone knows I love the ocean and finning my way around with fishes and hanging out with other critters who call it home, so it makes me happy to buy quality products from companies trying to make a difference.

Sustainably produced Shore-tex liner of the trunk.
Feel good about the trunk using 229 plastic bottles in making the liner! Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

SHORE-TEX Liner is Upcycled Plastic!

While I do not think the ENTIRE Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk is constructed from upcycled plastic bottles, as the shell is made from “indestructible” polycarbonate. The SHORE-TEX liner is made from plastic bottles. Supporting a company striving to do better environmentally and utilize litter headed for our waterways is still a win. 229 plastic bottles, to be exact!

Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk in travel sack
New Solgaard trunk in travel sack directly out of the box. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

While I have not yet had a chance to travel with this case yet (it just arrived yesterday) – I am really excited about taking it on a maiden voyage. What better place than on a ferry heading to the oceanside beaches of Cape Cod? (Stay tuned for that trip report AND a follow-up on this trunk!)

spring loaded clasps on case
The case opens with spring loaded tabs which pop the clasps near the TSA-friendly lock under the trunk handle. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

Solgaard Check-in Closet – Out of the Box

Newport Teal is striking to behold and is a little less likely to go missing in a sea of matte black cases at the airport. If you’re hesitant to check a bag, Solgaard also makes a Carry-on Closet! Same cool shelving concept, just smaller in size.

Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk interior
Solgaard Check-in Closet trunk interior unzipped and unclipped. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

I really love the magnetic closure on the internal harness with the netting and zippered pockets for small items like jewelry, charging cords, and things which always drift to the very bottom of a case!

Check-in Closet Trunk Specifications

Dimensions: 27″ high, 15.5 inches wide, 13.75 inches deep.

Weight: A whopping 11lbs. This was the only place I was a little shocked, it IS heavier than my larger four-wheel, rolling hard case. So, though it’s roomy for packing, you’re left with only 39 lbs of capacity for most major airline allowances.

Four independently rolling friction-free wheels.
Friction-free, four-wheel drive! Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

I really love a four-wheeled suitcase. Two-wheels somehow bode well for plush carpet. Four wheels are ideal for cruising the airports. The only thing I noticed in carefully going over the case in detail is the missing bottom handle I’m used to with bigger trunks. This just makes ease of lifting it into cars a little more traveler-friendly. All else looks so brilliant!

A Trunk with Shelves

A shelving system will be a novel way to pack as well as a super efficient use of space upon arrival at the destination! There are never enough hangers and who wants to iron while on vacation? I really like this concept, and saw a Reels on Instgram recently featuring a similar idea. However, it’s important to note — you are supposed to pack the shelving only to 70% capacity, according to Solgaard. I would have blown this out of the water and packed each section around 115%. So do be a tad conservative!

View of extended shelving

The internal shelving looks like this when extended outside the trunk. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

A Look at Shelves, Including for Shoes

This nested shelving fits one full side of the case, with room for customizing your trunk, filling in voids with extra sandals or your special face creams and lotions. I have sensitive, fair skin, so this is a must for me! The other half of the trunk is a free-space to use your favorite packing cubes or pack as you normally would. The bottom section will be great for sandals or rolled items such as a beach towel.

Zippered net storage inside Solgaard Check-in Closet
Such a cool feature: zippered net storage inside trunk. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

I love efficient use of space and these zippered tension straps are fabulous. There is also one internal, long zipper pocket running the spine of the case where the two sides meet. I would love to see more zippered storage spaces crammed in if Solgaard makes a new version of this lovely Check-in Closet trunk.

solgaard shipping container
Solgaard goodness inside. Worth the wait! Photo Credit: Amanda Williams

Shipments and Delivery

Expect delays, but good things come to those who wait! I was given a notice upfront at the time of purchase that the Newport Teal color of the Check-in Closet I had ordered would be a bit delayed. The case arrived about two weeks prior to what they forecast. We all know things are a tad slow in shipping and receiving, so my only advice is, plan well in advance of a trip for getting your trunk in time.

Solgaard Check-in Closet upright, handle extended
The case is really slim for a checked trunk and is stunning when upright. Photo Credit: Amanda Williams