Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport’s Coolest Spot

Renaissance books at Milwaukee Mitchell International airport

I fly a lot. It generally ends up either being to LAX, MIA, or, most often, smaller midwestern airports. I frequent Milwaukee for work and somehow I’ve always had tunnel vision from checking by bag to heading for TSA Security checkpoints. This last trip I found a wondrous spot. It’s on the public side of security, so plan time before you hit TSA PreCheck to browse and shop.

Thousands of books line shelves.

Renaissance Books at Mitchell International Airport

I love a good bookstore. Even a Barnes and Noble will do. I’m not sure how I’ve missed this lovely shop in all my trips to and from Milwaukee. It’s probably like I said, I rush through security, then spend most of my preflight time in the airport lounges. Something grabbed my attention and I had plenty of time to kill. Security had less than a dozen people milling about.

Several shelves piled high with books for sale.

Buy and Ship Books Home

If you don’t have room in your luggage (since you probably just checked your bags on the way in) the Renaissance Books store has the ability to ship your purchase home. There are SO many books. They are pretty well organized by genre, but there are in some cases several copies of popular titles.

I love seeing this used book store and hope it’s thriving. I stopped in and bought two books. They were reasonably priced and in great condition. More than anything, it’s nice to see books being put back into circulation as gently used, ready for a new owner to crack the spine and dive into an adventure. Maybe it’s not so uncommon or I haven’t noticed little literature havens like this one in other airports. It was so neat, I had to share it, in hopes it brings a smile to another traveler’s face while in Milwaukee.

Do you know of any other used bookstores in other airports, like this one in Mitchell International airport in Milwaukee?