Coors Brewery Tour – Tour Information and Tips for Visiting

Coors brewery tour bus

As a Minnesotan, and one from the land of sky blue waters, it’s sacrilegious for me to claim my love of the beer which is born in the Rocky Mountains — Coors Light. But, I unabashedly continue to order my silver bullets and after a visit to the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, I am even more of a patron today.

Coors brewery from outside
Coors brewery from outside with a Banquet beer tower.

Coors Brewery Tours – Golden, Colorado

Tours are about $20 per person. Check the website for hours. You can make reservations online or over the phone. It’s really better than I had anticipated and I think you’ll have fun, too!

Coors beer cup and brewing room in background
Coors beer with brewing equipment behind.

Booking Reservations for a Coors Brewery Tour

The first and most commendable thing I noticed when I booked my brewery tour (over the phone) was the tour booker told us we’d need to present ID and vaccination card upon check in. After traveling extensively in LA this summer and fall, I had been waiting for the time I’d have to pull out my vax card, but it never came. Here, we did get carded for both age and vaccination. The information upfront was extremely helpful for planning.

Brews from the Coors Brewery
Brews from the Coors Brewery might surprise you!

If you have a larger group, book NOW. Do not wait! Luckily, there were only two of us, and we were super flexible, so we were able to find a two-person slot. Otherwise, it was booked out for a few weeks. That was in April. It will only get worse with tourist season underway.

Coors brewery tour kegs of the family of brands
Coors brewery tour kegs of the family of brands — who knew so many came from this brewery?

New Tour, Different Flow

There are only about a dozen patrons on each Coors Brewery tour. A tour guide is with you at all times and tours last about an hour. You get three 8 oz. beers throughout the tour (if you are legal to drink, children are allowed on tour, but are given a different bracelet to designate them as underage.) The beers are perfectly paced with the information and duration of the tour.

Banquet Coors tour bus
Banquet Coors tour bus waits for us to board.

Bonus: You get to keep the recycled Coors cups from your experience as fun souvenirs.

This is a different model than previous tours, so if you’ve done it before and didn’t’ love the experience, try it again. This was really a GREAT date for an afternoon of fun. Everything is streamlined and clean and the pace is perfect.

Coors light signage
Coors light signage – great selfie spot, but I must have neglected my phone in favor of my beer!

Coors Brewery Tours are Perfect for an Afternoon Date

We weren’t sure that we wanted to do a Coors brewery tour. After a weekend in Denver and the surrounding cities, trekking all over the front country and into the Rockies, we agreed this was one of the most carefree and simple fun memories we made. If you’re a beer enthusiast, this is a great time. Lots of bite-size history tidbits and sips of the cold, fresh beer made a great date! The beer is made with Colorado Rocky Mountain water. They keep it local, proudly. (Don’t worry: I asked–it’s NOT made from the stream on location.)

Coors brands
Coors brands surprised me! I had no idea it was MUCH more than Coors Light and Banquet!

If you ARE coming from Denver, before you enjoy the tour, enjoy this amazing street taco joint we found which sets up the afternoon for success! Golden is a short drive from Denver (about 40 minutes from the Denver International Airport), but it’s worth the trip to experience the Coors brewery tour.