Checked Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Suitcase – Beaumont

Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase Beaumont checked luggage size suitcase on porch

A good piece of luggage is essential for travel. With all the luggage losses and confusion in the airline industry these days, a standout suitcase is a good idea. Even better? When your bag is super vibrant and fun, so it cannot be lost in the sea of drab black bags on the conveyor. Sometimes, you have to check a bag (or I do anyway) and when you do, you want it to be a Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase like the Beaumont.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Suitcase next to an Airbnb bed.
My Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase, happy to be settled at the Airbnb.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Suitcase: Best in Hard Sided Luggage

Hands down, when checking a bag, I’m a hard side die hard. Soft-sided luggage cannot do the thing for me. It just doesn’t. I won’t say never… feel free to try to change my mind. Here are some things I love about this particular bag:

  • Lovely vibrant pattern and tough outer shell
  • 4-wheel drive (I know there are some hot takes on 2 vs. 4) – I’m 4 all the way!
  • Light when empty (so you’re not wasting precious grams of packing space!)
  • Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases age well – like wine or cheese!
  • If you have the collection of sized bags, they are like Russian nesting dolls for storage

Best Suitcase When You Don’t Pack Light

Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase at the airport ready to be checked.
Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcase next to my carry-on sized bag, ready to check!

I don’t pack light. Obviously. I actually get anxiety thinking about trying to. It would be lovely if I could have a capsule closet. That’s not me. If that is YOU, congratulations, you’re my hero! The good news is, this suitcase is great for those like me who just haven’t mastered the one-bag travel game yet.

  • huge main compartment – perfect for packing cubes
  • it does expand – even I don’t need that much space, but it’s there!
  • 30.5 in H x 19.5 in W x 11.75 in D (if numbers are your jam – these are the dimensions)
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases have always been my favorite, so this fits right in!

This is a super affordable case. The price point at the time of writing was $169.99 (discounted) and before shipping. That’s an amazing deal for a really quality checked size suitcase. This was the perfect case for when I had the luxury of packing everything. The car was full as I toured around Florida!

So, for the record: are you 2-wheel or 4-wheel?